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Provenance Claims
Provenance Claims For Diamonds, Silver, Gold and /or Platinum Group Metals

To provide better services and high quality production, P. D. & P as a business in the jewellery supply chain concerns the source of the diamonds, gold and platinum group metals in the products we manufacture. Stakeholders, including legislators, international institutions and civil society are not only concentrating on issues like conflict, child labour, human rights abuses, but also poor mining practices and other risks in the 'upstream' part of the jewellery supply chain. Provenance claims are provided for companies to assurance that these types of conditions are not found in the supply chain of the materials in their products.

P. D. & P. only purchase silver/ gold/ platinum from responsible sources like Heraeus Limited which do have certification on different system. And our Diamonds always come from customers with further information or certificates like colors, clarity and country of origins, etc. P. D. & P. does not make any unreliable, misleading or deceptive representation, or make any material omission within every single product we manufacture.

P. D. & P. always allow interested parties to voice concerns about the veracity of the Provenance Claim(s).