P.D. & P. Group
P. D. & P. is partnership with a large-scale factory exclusively. Our advance knowledge, technology and experienced technician increased the efficiency to provide a high quantity with accuracy production on time. Our exclusive factory is certified manufacturer of JCPenney, QVC, Walmart, Sterling, Sears & Kohl’s.

We have two Quality Control teams which are located in China & Thailand. Both teams do precision check on all the production process; our quality meets many International standards, such as JCPenney, QVC, Walmart in USA and some major retailors in Europe. Third party quality inspection is welcomed to conduct in our factory & we are having a very high passing rate.

There are two teams for operation department to work constantly with customer’s production order. Team A is to contact with the client’s raw material suppliers, to ensure the correct quantity and quality material arrives to our factory on the requested date. Team B associates with the factory production to make sure our product will ship to the clients on time. Every well planned step is the key of success in providing effective Import & Export service.